What Role Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Play in Digital Marketing Strategy?


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After understanding the practical details of PPC advertising, you will soon use this powerful form of paid advertising to run successful paid search campaigns and reap great returns on your investments.


What is PPC?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of online advertising in which, advertisers will not pay for views, and only pay when a user clicks on their ad link.

It can be said, PPC is the form of appearing on the search page by paying. CPC (Cost Per Click) is called the cost each time someone clicks on the ad. However, paying for advertising is highly competitive, every marketer must consider budget and come up with a suitable strategy, carefully target advertising, and monitor competitors. If traffic from SEO is free, then every click for CPC is paid.

Here are the situations in which you should seriously consider starting PPC:

  • Use PPC when your organic search traffic is weak
  • You want to reach the right target market right away
  • You want to design specialized messages based on the specific needs of users
  • You want to increase the visibility of your business through both organic and paid keyword phrases.

Businesses are increasingly realizing the importance of PPC in their business campaigns in the 4.0 era. According to a recent statistic, up to 36% of consumers use online search engines before deciding to buy something.



So, should we use PPC while PPC brings a lot of budget risk? 

First, let’s find out the role of PPC:

  • PPC is suitable for seasonal campaigns, events, or festive seasons. For those businesses who want to find customers, promote their business in the short term, combined tools such as email, Facebook, SEO .. PPC is the most suitable. 
  • A start-up or a new business model should and need to use PPC because SEO is free, but it takes time. PPC allows businesses to quickly get feedback from the market, Test and evaluate the target audience as well as collect advertising test results in real-time.



  • You have to understand your, products and customers. To be able to have a suitable PPC campaign, you need to understand the characteristics and indicators of your business’ products, what is special or different from your competitors, and also the behavior of the customer group. your. 
  • Always analyze and monitor market volume and competitors to be able to optimize in time. Create promotions, discount codes, coupons for digital marketing to increase clicks.
  • Having good technical knowledge about PPC to be able to reach the right potential customers, optimize the provision of product information to customers to lead to the most conversions. In addition, limit virtual clicks from competitors so as not to lose the advertising budget while there is no conversion at all. 

Benefits of PPC for Business

Direct & Targeted Advertising

  • PPC ads allow you to directly target audiences who are searching for the products and services you offer. With Google AdWords, you have a huge Google audience at your disposal
  • PPC allows you to run campaigns targeted to the specific terms or interests of your niche. You can run a campaign based on specific keywords. You can use remarketing to target people who have visited your website once
  • You can target the right people at the right time with PPC

Campaigns are measurable

  • You can check the performance of PPC campaigns and analyze what you will get from paid advertising campaigns
  • You can measure Click Through Rate, Impressions, Sales, Conversions, and other important metrics to gauge PPC campaign performance
  • This makes your campaign driven by high results. For example, your customers are housewives, you can use PPC to insert ads such as discount codes or attractive promotions for business to attract customers.

Effective brand exposure

  • PPC can put your brand in front of prospects that wouldn’t be on your radar without PPC
  • The brand exposure that PPC ensures allows you to target the most unique and relevant audiences who are ready to choose your products and services
  • Your website, product, or service will be at the top of the search results related to those keywords because of PPC, and as a result, you will have the best brand exposure.

Real-time impact

  • PPC is very effective at creating real-time impact for businesses and you can get to the top of Google Search Results in a few hours
  • PPC can provide results in hours or days or hours and allows you to get a good return on your investments

You only pay for clicks

  • In PPC, you pay when any of your potential customers click on your paid ads
  • This increases your chances of conversion and therefore it will be one of the best options for money

Advertise locally or globally

  • There are no location restrictions when it comes to PPC
  • You can use PPC to target potential customers by their location. You can run your ads in any region, state, country, or globally
  • You also have the option to tailor your ads to your audience and their interests.


Understanding PPC and how it works will help Marketers have specific and effective strategies and solutions for their businesses, giving them a huge advantage in increasing revenue and building brands.

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