What is PuTTY software and its purpose ?


It is a windows software that is commonly used to communicate with the Linux server.

The vast majority of the hosting services, both online and offline are developed on Linux Operating System, so because it supplies greater safety for client data. Primarily when thousands of client’s data or databases are stored in a single region safety is the 1st priority.

However, this poses a better challenge for non-LINUX OS users to deal with. Here PuTTY plays a vital role  allows  communicate       OS.

The interface of PuTTy is lookalike to the windows command terminal, However, users require to know about Linux commands to interact with it because it is mainly interacting with the Linux server.

PuTTY is additionally utilized to create SSH keys. Nowadays utilizing passwords are prone to security threats mainly when you’re dealing with a lot of confidential details online. PuTTY allows you to produce a series of keys. which is a mixture of hundreds of AlphaNumeric and special characters, Which is virtually impossible to crack.


SSH produces two types of key combinations

I. The public key is utilized to find into use, the terminal by authorized people, And the private key should not be shared with anyone.

2.The Private Key  key is encrypted into the specific server of the user which can only be opened with a public key

When you’re employing a specific entity to get into using a server you can just show the public key and you can log in to the server any time without entering any password or user name.


One area where I especially found the use of PuTTY is “Digital Ocean hosting services” and other cloud services platforms.

PuTTY (software) is commonly used.

  1. File Transfer Protocol.
  2. Generate Hash key


Conclusion :

It is free and open-source software written in C language that helps non-Linux users to communicate with the Linux server easily. The term “PuTTY’ doesn’t have any official meaning.


Download Official PuTTY(putty) Software

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