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We all know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important digital marketing tool that helps your website to rank higher in the Google search. But how is that achieved and by using which SEO Tools? SEO is essentially about finding out what people are searching for on the Internet, what answers they’re looking for for their queries, and what type of information they are seeking, and what languages they’re using. Once you have the answers of these important questions, it will help you get connected with people who are looking for the solutions you offer on the Internet.


Is it important to use SEO Tools on your website?


Anyone can implement some basic SEO on their website depending on factors such as your bandwidth, your willingness to learn the skill, and the quality of your blog. But not everyone can perform SEO on their own, and, therefore, it’s preferable to take help from a professional. Either way, it’s perfect! For example, early this year, a friend of mine thought of developing a social media channel that promises a guaranteed match for the purpose of dating. The first employee he thought of hiring before launching his channel was an SEO professional. His logic was simple – It’s important to bring traffic to the channel’s website before actually placing his Connected app on the Google store.

So let’s find out which are the most useful SEO tools that will help your website to rank on the first page of Google search.


SEMRush Keywords Research


SEMrush is a very handy tool to use if you wish to manage your SEO campaign yourself. Actually, it’s a relatively simple tool to use and has added benefits. SEO  becomes quite easy through SEMrush because it’s simple to understand and implement, and it doesn’t matter if you have little experience or skills. This suits more to those who need help with digital marketing. You can use SEMrush to know the emerging trends in your particular field. It not only checks your On-Page SEO but also gives important suggestions to improve the ranking of your pages. It allows you to have a better understanding of your website and makes it SEO compliant to increase lead generation.


Advantages of using SEMrush 


  • Helps you understand the performance of your site
  • Helps you get relevant keywords
  • Helps you understand your competitors
  • Helps you maintain existing Traffic
  • Helps you get valuable backlinks


Ahrefs Keyword Explorer


Although Ahrefs is better known for being a backlink authority checker, it’s much more than that. This SEO tool is used for Ranking Monitoring and Keyword Research. Since it possesses one of the largest databases of live links, Ahrefs is quite useful for backlink checking. It takes help from crawling tools to recreate your site in the way it is viewed by a search engine. This in turn gives you a better understanding of your site and also optimizes it for search engines.


Ahrefs include the following tools 


Site Explorer Tool: It helps you to analyze the backlink profile of your site as well as that of your competitors’ sites. If you are looking for the most appropriate terms for organic and paid search, this tool will come in handy.


Content Explorer: This tool is used for finding out the most shared content on social media on any given topic.


Ahrefs Keyword Explorer: You can use this tool for getting keyword ideas and estimating traffic to your site.


Rank Tracker: This tool allows you to track desktop and mobile ranks for any particular region and provides daily weekly and monthly data.


Site Audit Tool: This tool will explore your website for routine SEO issues and also track your SEO progress.


Notifications: It keeps you updated on new and lost backlinks, web mentions, and keyword Ranks.


Moz Pro SEO Tools


Moz Pro is one of the most popular SEO tools that increase search engine exposure. It performs functions of Link Explorer, Keyword Explorer and Rank Tracker. Unlike other SEO tools that have a more compact UI, Moz Pro has a kind of aesthetically pleasing, and non-intimidating design. MozBar is a popular Chrome extension developed by Moz that displays information related to Page Authority and Domain Rank directly on your browser’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is quite useful for conducting research on your competitor’s activities through a fly in your browser.


Moreover, Moz Pro can also help you to find out about valuable and strategic topics. Keywords research shows how often a keyword is searched and how competitive it is. It also gives you information about who to contact for getting important backlinks that help in improving your ranking. You do not need to be an SEO professional to use Moz as it’s quite simple in design.


It’s more suitable for SEO because it’s lighter than any other competing device. Moz Pro is great for day-to-day use because you can get the most out of it. But if you are not using it regularly, the cost may not be justified. However, all these are paid tools, and if you’re looking for the best SEO tools, you should give them a try.

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