Top 5 EMR for Small Medical Practices

What is an EHR Software 

EHR software is basically an Electronic Health Records software that allows you to keep your medical records safe. Apart from helping keep patient records safe and organized, this software also helps you to keep everything at your practice running smoothly. These days medical EHR software can do it all; from allowing you to seamlessly create an optimal schedule to help you take care of billing. All of this helps you make things easier for yourself!

In this piece, we will tell you about various EHR software which would be perfect for any small medical practice around the world. In this piece, we will discuss software from Kareo EHR to Cerner EMR. Keep reading to learn more about these


Five EHR for Small Practices 

Practice Fusion 

The first feature within Practice Fusion EHR software that we think would truly benefit a small medical practice is the appointment scheduling feature. This feature allows you to schedule as many patients in a day as possible. As a small practice, you need to be growing as much as you can. By scheduling as many appointments in a day as possible, you are able to increase revenue as you can see more patients in a day then you were previously able to.


The charting feature in this software is also amazing in how it helps you significantly cut the time that it takes for you to make patient notes and hence be able to reduce the time it takes for you to conduct an appointment and allows you to save a lot more time and energy.



Kareo EMR is the next software on our list. We include this software because of its billing feature which brings a lot of ease to your practice. The billing feature enables you to make things so much simpler for everyone involved since the feature helps automate the billing aspect of your practice to a certain extent which ensures that you reduce the number of mistakes you might have otherwise made.


Another great feature in this software is the template feature which gives you access to a number of template options from which you can choose whichever is the right option for you. You can even further customize the template according to whatever your needs are.



PrognoCIS EMR has a plethora of great features. The interoperability feature in this software allows you to access data sets from other practices in your city that use the software. This means you are able to have more data when it comes to making diagnoses and clinical decisions. With more data on hand, your decisions are much more precise.


The practice management features in this software allow you to make things at your practice much more simpler and flow more smoothly. This feature helps with scheduling appointments to simplify billing and much more.



Cerner EMR is the fourth software on our list and is included because of the several wonderful features this software has. The software has a charts feature that summarizes the patient’s condition, history, and much more to pertinent details. This helps you get a good idea about a patient without taking too much time and hence helps you to save time during appointments you would have otherwise spent on reading patient charts. With Cerner EMR you can easily reduce this time significantly.


Cerner EMR also has a great e-prescription feature that helps you to make things much easier for both you and your patients. This feature allows you to remotely make prescriptions that patients can then pick up from whatever pharmacy is most convenient to them. This helps you make things simple as patients do not have to come into your practice to merely pick up a piece of prescription paper. Cerner EMR also warns you about any adverse reactions any drugs might have which you should be wary of and avoid.


After Cerner EMR the last EHR is DrChrono EMR. This software has a lot of features which may be wonderful for your small practice. Above all, this software is quite affordable which means you can easily afford it as a small practice with limited resources. The software has a billing feature that allows you to have billing solutions easily available without any issues.


The software also allows you to set up accounts for your team so that everyone is able to have an account and communicate with one another. The internal communication you are able to experience because of this software helps you keep everything in check!

Which EHR Should you Invest in

Honestly, whichever software from this list you invest in for your small medical practice will be worth it. This means the software will possibly help you grow your medical practice. All in all, any of this software whether you choose Cerner EMR or Practice Fusion EMR, will serve you well!

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