How to exchange your money without paying commissions


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Today we find many or various payment processors, which make life easier since we can pay or receive money through the internet in an easier way. But the problem is the commissions that these platforms take from us.

That is why Cambio7 arises, a money exchange platform that offers us several features that greatly benefit us.


Save in Dollars

Cambio7 allows us to save or have our money online without balance limits and without having to pay any commission or monthly payments.


Exchange money online

With Cambio7 you can exchange your money from one currency to another, and from one medium to another with little or no commission worldwide. Example, you can exchange your PayPal balance for Bitcoin, you can exchange your NETELLER balance for Payeer, exchange your cryptocurrencies for money in your bank account, etc. Basically, with you can exchange all types of money through any type of means.


Earn money online

This platform has a referral program, which allows you to earn 0.20 USD for each registered referral. And it pays you 20.00 USD each time a referral funds their account. This is great and you can earn a lot of money if you share your referral link on advertising platforms since you would get many referrals, and this would become a balance in your account


Send money internationally

This is another benefit that Cambio7 offers you since you can send money to other users worldwide without paying any commission, you can send a minimum of 0.01 USD and there is no maximum limit for sending. This is another great benefit since banks charge you 20.00 USD or even more in commission for international transfers. In you can send money without paying any commission.


Pay for a product or service

When you pay through this platform, you have the guarantee and security of your money. If the seller does not send you the product or it was not what you expected, Cambio7 will give you your money back. In other words, we say that Cambio7 protects you from all fraud and protects your money.

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