Correct Setup for WordPress Blog

Before you start posting articles on your blog these are the necessary steps that you have to take to make sure your blog becomes successful and reaches more and more people.

1] Permalink Change

Go to Setting -> Permalinks and change it to Post Name.


2] Delete all the plug-ins

First, select all the plugins then choose bulk action deactivate then delete.

3] Delete all the default pages and posts.

4] Generate all the Legal Pages

There are many tools available on the web to generate the following pages:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms and Conditions

You can type generate + “your page name” for e.g generate disclaimer.

5] Install GeneratorPress or Astra theme

These are simple and lightweight themes. I personally like the GeneratorPress theme because of its look and minimum requirements.

6] install the RankMath plugin

install RankMath plug and press activate. This plugin has over taken the yoast seo.

Select skip now -> Advanced Setup

After that make sure you are at this step

make sure everything as it is in the above image.

7] Register in Search Console

Install the plugin “insert headers and footers” by wpbeginner.

Go to google search console and paste the website URL in the URL-prefix section.

Copy the HTML tag and paste it into the “insert header and footer” plugin only inside the header and save it. Find the plugin under the settings.

After pasting and saving click the very button in the search console website.

Go to RankMath plugin then Sitemap Settings and copy this

Then go to search console -> sitemap paste it.



8] Setting up google analytics

This is the last step to track and know-how our blog is performing.

Go to google analytics website and select add property. In advance make sure you do the following


Copy the gstag.js code and paste it into the “headers and footers” plugin


you can check whether google analytics has been configured properly or not. Visit your site and then check analytics it should show 1 visitor which means it is done properly.

Now we have completed all the required things before we start posting articles on our blog. These are very much needed steps to be successful in your blogging journey. After that, you need to structure your blog properly.

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